Zero Waste for a Cleaner Planet

Our planet is precious and its resources are limited. Ecologica Resources, in partnership with Exclusive Waste Solutions, (EWS), was founded to apply well tried and understood technologies to protect the environment and, wherever possible, to recycled waste into usable products. The result is a unique system, Magma, which can efficiently and effectively process a wide range of waste without polluting the environment.

The hazardous waste and pollutants normally associated with existing lower temperature thermal waste treatments are totally eliminated in the integrated and self sufficient system. Not only does Magma not create residual hazardous waste requiring further landfill sites, but it can use the material in existing landfill sites as feeder stock so that those sites may be reclaimed.

The key commercial outputs of the Magma system are re-usable metals, blocks for the construction industry and electricity.

Ecologica Resources Ltd. works within the UK in partnership with Exclusive Waste Solutions.

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